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The purpose of the Utah Department of Public Safety Victim Services is to help minimize the traumatic impact of crime. Our mission is to provide the timely support, gentle guidance, helpful resources and vital information that will promote healing and progress for crime victims, witnesses, and their families.


The Utah Department of Public Safety’s mission is “working together as ONE DPS to provide a safe and secure Utah.”

The State Bureau of Investigation serves to reduce crime and increase security. Our mission is to provide professional investigative services to all people by investigating crime and working with allied agencies and the community.


 For more information please contact:

Victim Advocate Coordinator
801-965-4747 During Business Hours
After business hours call DPS Dispatch 801-887-3800

R477-2-3. Fair Employment Practice and Discrimination. All state personnel actions shall provide equal employment opportunity for all individuals. (1) Employment actions including appointment, tenure or term, condition or privilege of employment shall be based on the ability to perform the essential duties, functions, and responsibilities assigned to a particular position. (2) Employment actions may not be based on race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, or protected activity under the anti-discrimination statutes, political affiliation, military status or affiliation or any other non-job related factor, except as provided under Subsection 67-19-15(2)(b)(ii). (3) An employee who alleges unlawful discrimination may: (a) submit a complaint to the agency head; and (b) file a charge with the Utah Labor Commission Antidiscrimination and Labor Division within 180 days of the alleged harm, or directly with the EEOC within 300 days of the alleged harm. (4) A state official may not impede any employee from the timely filing of a discrimination complaint in accordance with state and federal requirements.