State Bureau of Investigation



The State Bureau of Investigation serves to reduce crime and increase security. Our mission is to provide professional investigative services to all people by investigating crime and working with allied agencies and the community.


S.B.I Objectives

Conduct professional investigations

  • Complete, thorough, detailed and factually based investigations that meet the highest standard of our profession and provide access of resources to victims of crime.

Work closely with allied agencies and the community 

  • Seek out opportunities to work with and serve allied agencies and the community to promote the best outcomes related to reducing crime and promoting public safety.

Gather, verify, share, and use information and intelligence to increase public safety

  • Intelligence driven enforcement, gathering and sharing of information to enhance public safety efforts in the state, region and nation. Share information directly to the State Information and Analysis Center and be responsive to requests for information.

Bureau Leadership

Major Brian Redd– Division Director

Captain Tyler Kotter– Bureau Commander

Lieutenant Tim Kincaid– Alcohol Enforcement

Lieutenant Jared Garcia– Criminal Interdiction / Major Crimes


Location, Hours, and Contact

5500 West Amelia Earhart Drive, Suite #100,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
(801) 532-2168
8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday
For after hours call DPS Dispatch: (801) 887-3800

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